Why Choose Us

Grown In U.S.A.

Consumers Trust American Made Products


Does Not Contain Animal Products Or Biproducts


No Genetic Modifications

Our Core Values

Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives, Sustainable Processes

To put God's love into action as we supply customers worldwide with our products as a tool to strengthen bodies, promote wellness and give back more than we receive.

We Are Innovators in Scalable Algae PRoduction.

Our products are grown using sunlight in sealed photobioreactors that prevent any risk of atmospheric contamination.

We start with pure water from a deep Texas aquifer and add all natural nutrients to promote growth through photosynthesis.

  • Sealed Photobioreactors
  • All Natural Products
  • No Animals or Animal Biproducts Used
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Sustainable - 98% of Our Water is Recycled

Our Products and Services

Chlorella Powder

100% Pure Chlorella Powder Grown Under Texas Sunlight

Chlorella Tablets

Chlorella 500 mg Tablets Available In Bulk Ready for Bottling