About TekManna

A Few Words About Us!

We are innovators in nutraceutical ingredients

Our goal is to bring healthy, pure, clean Chlorella to everyone

Our products are grown using sunlight and pure water deep from within a Texas aquafer. Our transparent photobioreactors are sealed from the atmosphere, using 99% less water by preventing evaporative water loss. Our chlorella cells are protected from atmospheric contamination as they naturally grow and multiply through all natural photosynthesis.

TekManna, LLC is a biotechnology firm created solely to revolutionize the nutritional supplement ingredients industry plagued by inconsistent quality, product contamination and high costs. It all starts with the source. For far too long, the only source for raw Chlorella has been from Asia using centuries old, open pond designs. Besides being subject to chronic atmospheric contamination, ground water contamination is a major concern from radiation leaks and upstream chemical releases.